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Owlboy Nintendo Switch (Pre-owned) Description


After the huge success of the original Owlboy release in 2016, Owlboy is now coming to Nintendo Switch. For eccentric gameplay in a weird and wonderful world, Owlboy boasts imaginative graphics with a beautiful storyline that allows you to fly through the sky with friends.

Adopt the persona of the cute and mysterious Owlboy, Otus, who was born a mute and studies under a strict owl mentor, Asio. With fluffy swept-back hair and yellow antennae-like feelers, you will fall in love with Otus from the off, even before you discover his somewhat sensitive personality that others take advantage of.

Despite his hardships and negative experiences with fellow villagers, Otus maintains a funloving personality with a smile spread across his face. This could be down to his ability to fly due the owl cloak that was given to him by Asio, allowing him to freely explore the skies.

This story-driven platform adventure game sees you carry anything or anyone on your back as you fly. This ultimately allows you to play alone or pick up friends as you explore the clouds above. But these clouds can hold a mysterious side, with the unwelcome appearance of sky pirates.

Anticipate both land and sky exploration during this innovative gameplay; explore ruins that are completely overrun with monsters and confront your worst fears as you uncover hidden secrets. For help defending yourself, you can recruit friends to act as gunners to fight against the enemy. Whether these friends fight for you or are simply there for the ride, these lovable characters each have a unique story that help you to add the pieces together of this crazy puzzle.

Developed by the independent development team at D-Pad Studio, this interesting mix of industry specialists have meticulously designed a game that is so extraordinary you will wish you were truly living in the owl world.

Situated in Norway, this small team of multi-talented individuals has merged together wonderful graphics mixed with a deep and detailed storyline that will leave you entertained for hours. Fly through the blue skies that have hidden secrets that would otherwise be left completely untouched without Otus the Owlboy and his special friends.



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